Underground energy supply system PIAZZA 540

Scope of delivery

  • Stainless steel construction with pour in manhole cover
  • Main power supply and junction box
  • Assembled onto a concrete ring with dimensions: height: 570 mm, diameter: 450 mm

Technical Information

  • Closing of manhole cover is effected by a socket screw (stainless steel) M10 Closing tool is enclosed.
  • Within the manhole cover there is a cable exit enter-push part integrated (dimensions cable exit: 60 x 40 mm). This part can be put off if power supply is needed. The top can be closed.
  • The filling tray can be filled individually upon a depth of 50 mm.
  • Within the manhole cover there is a self regulating heating system installed. Either under minus temperature the very easy opening and closing mechanism is working.

Jobs need to be executed on building process

  • Ensuring a proper drainage. Please bear in mind that the top is not water tight. There might be some water within the manhole.
  • The necessary ground excavation
  • The installation of the construction regarding underlying technical norms and requirements
  • Filling of tray (individual stone surface)
  • Electro technical connections need to be executed by a technical specialist only (concession).