Standardized torch V1/2012 & Illuminant for train attendants V1/2012

Product specifications

The standardized torch and the torch for rail attandants are modern wor- king and inspection illuminants which can be use fo various operations. They can be used for example for:

  • Inspection light for maintenance
  • Signal light for railway attendants and railway safety guard
  • Signal light for escort shunting staff

Furthermore this illuminant can be used as working light e.g. for revisions, night operations etc.

Due to the latest LED technology both illuminats work very energy efficiant.

The operation is made with AAA-batteries (non-rechargable) or on request with AAA-storage batteries (rechargable)

Technical Data

Housing Aviation aluminium shockproof
Weight (incl.Batteries) approx. 164g

length: approx.125 mm

diameter: approx. 30 mm

Type of protection IP 66
LED illuminants

Standardized illuminant: 1xCree HL LED

Illuminant for attandants: 1xCree MC-E Color

Power supply 3 pcs. AAA 1.5V Batteries
Temperature range -20°C to +45°C


Additional specifications of the standardised illuminant V1/2012

  • Flash function
  • Adjustable zoom with rotary switch from circular low beam to focused long-distance light

Additional specifications illuminant for attendants V1/2012

  • Adjustable colour light to be used by a rotary switch, white, red, green and blue light can be chosen.