We are looking for test companies that want to make more out of braking energy in the future!

Modern rolling stock converts kinetic into electric energy  during braking. In our studies, which we conducted by means of our EFS energy flow simulation, we discovered that the majority of this braking in many cases cannot be leveraged in typical transportation networks, due to a lack of direct, simultaneous demand – it is simply “burned up”.

But our new solution makes a change! Effective immediately, our innovative system allows us to optimise the entire network second by second and thus harness and utilise the power of regenerated braking energy. This saves more than 10% of the traction energy and, correspondingly, several tonnes of CO2.

Become a tester now!

As a test company, you will not only be supporting us as we continue to expand and develop our solution, you’ll also be able to reap direct benefits! Get in touch with our experts to receive further details about the solution and find out how you can become a test company.

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