KRUCH wins the IÖB Challenge in collaboration with partner Metriox!


Together with partner Metriox, KRUCH emerged as the winner of the recent IÖB Innovation Platform Challenge. Our project was among the six winning projects in the category “Public transport: Safe and secure on the move.” of the challenge for Wiener Linien.

The question: Which innovative solutions support an integrated transport company in continuing to ensure a high level of passenger safety and increasing the overall feeling of safety?

To succeed in this challenge, one criterion in particular had to be met: the solution had to be innovative!

Jan Röhl (CEO, KRUCH)

“We are delighted by the success of our solution proposal! The market is requesting more and more intelligent, data-based, real-time solutions for the daily challenges in planning, maintenance and operations. With the establishment of KRUCH SIDOS (Simple & Intelligent Data Online Services) in 2016, we have set our strategical focus on Mobility 4.0 and keep developing our solution portfolio consequently. Thanks to the partnership with METRIOX, we enlarge our range of services significantly by “on-board hardware with rail certification.”

Our project entry

Thanks to our project “Driveway Analyzer: How the route detective tracks down hazards,” we were among the successful winners of the IÖB Challenge. The “Driveway Analyzer” is a cutting-edge early warning system that identifies danger points along public transport routes.

Our cloud-based software solution is designed to support transportation companies in their planning, maintenance, and day-to-day operations. The solution makes it possible to process and display real-time data from vehicles and the infrastructure, provides tools of analysis, and issues alarms autonomously when threshold values fall short or are exceeded. The “Driveway Analyzer” detects danger points along the route that trigger a high number of emergency braking incidents or accidents and helps to mitigate these incidents going forward.

We also supply sensors and measurement equipment to supplement the software for situations in which the relevant vehicle data is not already available.

Added value

Sudden heavy braking, such as braking with the rail (track) brakes or the streetcar emergency brakes, catches passengers by surprise and can result in injury. With the integrated “Driveway Analyzer” solution, these neuralgic danger points along the route are identified in advance. As a result, the appropriate traffic and driving measures can be implemented in the risk zones, minimizing the risk of accidents and improving passenger comfort significantly.

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