Full of verve to 2017


New year, new name, new partners

Customers and business partners know KRUCH as an innovative family company (EST. 1869), specialized in railway technology. Innovation and internationalisation are the principles we will live up to even more in the future. For that reason the “Ing. Karl and Albert Kruch Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co KG” was renamed to „Kruch Railway Innovations GmbH & Co KG“.

Innovation on every rail

With numerous patent applications we have been developing new products for the signaling, the driving line equipment and the third rail every year. Besides our cloud based simulation program for the energy flow in railway power networks “EFS” achived significant success within the last years. The system monitors energy flow in power lines and uses sensor technology for equipment condition monitoring. 

More strategy on board

2017 also brings strategical changes for KRUCH. With the ZEN 11 Holding GmbH we found an ideal strategic partner that enriches our company with know-how. For our customers and partners, however, nothing changes except the name and our UID-number - ATU71635849. The business license of the company Ing. Karl und Albert Kruch Gesellschaft m.b.H. is transferred to the company Kruch Railway Innovations GmbH & Co KG.

If there are any questions about the new Kruch Railway Innovations GmbH & Co KG or our products, please contact us at office@kruch.com